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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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Vector Omicron

  First Appearance: From the Ashes of One's Enemies  

  "I am Vector Omicron. How may I serve you?"  


Many millions of years ago the planet Cybertron was populated by a nomadic technorganic species called the Quintessons. They developed a series of droids which they sold across the galaxy. One range were servant droids, the other warrior droids. The Quintessons grew rich and indolent and wished to take a little part in the development of their product as possible. With this in mind they developed a supercomputer which they called Vector Omicron. Vector Omicron appeared as a hovering silver sphere and was responsible for creating new droid designs. The finished product could then also be instilled with artificial intelligence by Vector Omicron. Unknown to the Qunitesson however the planet Cybertron housed the consciousness of the being called Primus. Primus interfaced with Vector Omicron and used it to give the Quintesson's droids sentience. The droids rebelled against their masters and the first great Cybertronian war began. Primus caused Vector Omicron to develop a new megacomputer which came to be called Vector Sigma. Vector Sigma was significantly more powerful than Vector Omicron and Primus transferred a portion of his intelligence to it, intending to use the new computer to guide his 'children' so that they would be ready to fight his nemesis, the dark entity called Unicron. Vector Omicron continued to be used by the rebellious droid to create new designs. For reasons not yet known Vector Omicron designed a new body shape and personality based on carbon-based females. A design it used ever after. All female transformers are a product of Vector Omicron. Its first creation was called B1 later Beta. After the defeat of the Quintessons, the droids began to call themselves Autobots. Strife soon emerged within the Autobots however as the former military droids desired conquest and formed a splinter group called the Decepticons. Soon the second great Cybertronian war broke out. Both sides desired access to Vector Omicron and Vector Sigma. In an attempt to prevent the Decepticons from taking control of the computers Beta vowed to hide them where neither side could access them. She successfully hid Vector Omicron but the Decepticons attacked and captured Vector Sigma before she could move it. Beta was captured and interrogated by the Decepticons but never revealed the location of Vector Omicron. Her fate is unknown. The only other to know the location of Vector Omicron was the former rebel leader A3 later to become Alpha Trion and he kept the secret for millions of years before finally revealing to Elita-1 that the supercomputer could be found in a secret underground base in the Sonic Canyons area of Cybertron. Elita-1 used Vector Omicron to create new female warriors to replace those lost in battle.


Vector Omicron is able to produce designs for new droids (and later Transformers) and can be remotely linked to any of the Cybertronian production lines enabling it to build its creations. Originally it was designed to program its creation with a form of artificial intelligence. Once under the control of Primus Vector Omicron, like the more powerful Vector Sigma, could also instill its creations with sentience.


Like Vector Sigma, Vector Omicron is very vulnerable due to its immobility, unlike Vector Sigma it does not have the intelligence to adequately compensate for this.

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  Function: Warrior  
Vector Omicron


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