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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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  First Appearance: Operation Sunburn: Power Masters  

  "Jump? How high?"  


Turbulence was once one of the Decepticon shock-troops known as Seekers. Where most Seekers are looked upon as expendable however Turbulence excelled both as a warrior and as a sycophant. As a result he was swiftly elevated through the ranks of the Decepticons on Cybertron until he was reporting directly to Shockwave as an aide. Turbulence has no real loyalty to any one commander however and seeks constantly to cover his own back by siding with the Decepticon who happens to be in command at any given time.


Turbulence has arm mounted electro-cannons that can fire concentrated bursts of one million volts of electricity capable of short circuiting most transformers. In jet mode he still has use of these electro-cannons alongside a variable rate machine gun. Turbines on his wings can cause severe wind shears that can knock pursuing aircraft from the sky. Turbulence was created as is a second generation Seeker which saw a number of design changes and upgrades including the derogatorily named ‘conehead’. As a result he has greater stamina and range than most first generation Seekers.


His sycophancy has not gone unnoticed by his fellow Decepticons and many of them despise him as a result. However while he has the protection of a strong leader he has little to fear…probably.

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  Allegiance: Decepticon  

  Function: Warrior  
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