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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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  First Appearance: Operation Sunburn: Power Masters  

  "Life is worth living only as long as there are enemies worth destroying."  


Sixshot is the leader of the Decepticon splinter group known as the Renegades. Originally one of Megatron’s favourites he fell from grace when he, along with Starscream, plotted to remove Megatron from power. Rather than destroy two powerful and effective Decepticons Megatron chose to separate the two traitors. He deemed Starscream more controllable and so Sixshot was entombed in the cryogenic freezing facility on Cybertron. As a punishment for his treachery however Megatron reprogrammed Sixshot’s cryo-pod so that he was conscious but unable to move. Sixshot remained in his living prison for six million years. A power failure allowed Sixshot the chance to escape his tomb however. He made the most of his chance and freed others from the cryo-chambers and formed the Renegades with the intention of taking control of the Decepticons from Megatron. Although he will resort to underhanded tricks to win a fight, Sixshot does have a less treacherous side. If he feels a foe is worthy enough, he will face him honourably in one-on-one combat to the death. Sixshot has obviously never lost such a match.


Subject has exceptional physical capabilities: he is immensely strong with great intelligence, endurance and resistance to damage. He is a Six Changer, able to transform between modes three times as fast as the average Transformer. In addition to his robot mode, he is capable of transforming into a Transformer-sized, jet propelled laser pistol; a treaded siege tank with reinforced ramming capabilities; a wheeled armoured personnel carrier; a star fighter with a top speed of 130,000km/h and range of 1,300,000 kilometres; as well as a fanged wolf creature with razor-sharp claws and incredible leaping and flight abilities. All of the modes except for the wolf utilise Subject's powerful hypersonic concussion blaster that turns sound into solid force. Subject prefers to shred enemies with his fangs and claws in wolf mode. He is an amazingly capable warrior.


Subject has no combat-related physical weaknesses, but he requires more maintenance than the average Transformer because of his different modes and their varied parts. His years of imprisonment have made him cautious, meaning that he may spend so much time perfecting a plan that he may miss an opportunity.

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  Allegiance: Renegade  

  Function: Renegade Commander  
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