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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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Omnis Validus

  First Appearance: From the Ashes of One's Enemies  

  "Power is not given. Real power is something you take."  


Omnis Validus was built as a replacement body for the badly damaged Shockwave by the human scientist Doctor Archeville. He represents a revolution in Transformer design by incorporating a number of new technologies developed by the Doctor. His body was created using the Doctor’s new protoform concept and his consciousness encased inside a self-contained electro-arc sphere called a Spherical Personality And Recolection Chamber or S.P.A.R.C. Omnis Validus’ one aim in life is revenge against Megatron for the betrayal that lead to the loss of Shockwave’s power and almost to the loss of his life.


Omnis Validus’ protoform design is moulded from a poly-carbide base and strengthened by a cyridium exo-shell. This provides him with immense strength and endurance. The body is also very energon efficient allowing him to travel huge distances without needing to refuel. When in robot mode he is armed with a variety of weapons, including leg mounted independently targetable rocket launchers and a head mounted concussion blaster. His arms also hide retractable swords that emerge from his wrists to surprise hand to hand opponents. In his vehicle mode he transforms into an armoured tractor trailer with a top speed of 150mph and a range of 15,000 miles. He is also equipped with a prototype spacebridge technology, that can be accessed in vehicle mode. This uses block transfer computations to temporarily alter the fabric of spacetime to create a roadway through an interdimensional portal to allow travel within a range of 1 million light years.


Omnis Validus’ desire for revenge sometimes clouds his judgement resulting in him making tactical errors. His protoform design makes him largely invulnerable to traditional transformer weaponry; however its prototype design leaves it at risk from unresolved design issues.

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  Allegiance: Renegade  

  Function: Warrior  
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