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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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Kojima Miharu

  First Appearance: From the Ashes of Ones Enemies  

  "Job Done"  


Don't let her innocent face and good looks fool you, Miharu is cold and ruthless. Before she was 25 she had already murdered nine people including her own mother and three children. Born to an American mother and a Japanese father, Miharu spent 15 years growing up in Japan. She became proficient in martial arts and despite being only half Japanese she immersed herself in the local customs becoming very proud of her Japanese heritage. She returned to America when she was 17 after the death of her father. Finally free of the repressive Japanese morality she embarked on a number of empty relationships with older men before finally becoming engaged to a petty gangster in LA. While still engaged she began an illicit affair with her fiance's father. When her fiance was killed in a 'business' deal gone wrong, his father rejected Miharu and she accidentally killed him in a fit of rage. Fleeing the wrath of his family she returned to her mother who, disgusted with her daughter, refused to help. Rejected for the second time something in Miharu broke and she killed her mother in anger. She later returned to her fiance's home and burnt it to the ground, killing his two brothers, their wives and three children in the process. She then fled back to Japan where with the help of her father's old business contacts she embarked on a career in industrial espionage, using her considerable charms to seduce trade secrets from the male dominated business world. Eventually she had to flee Japan as the authorities closed in on her. Once back in the US she continued her career.


Along with her considerable physical charms, Miharu is a black belt in both Karate and Judo, she has also studied Aikido. Extremely intelligent she would be capable of running many of the companies she steals from. She is a very adept gambler and poker play and also has flair for Monopoly.


Her sudden bursts of anger has already cost nine people their lives and unless she becomes able to control this it may lead to her downfall. Her career by its very nature puts her at extreme risk, not just from the law but also from revenge attack by her victims.

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No Allegiance
  Allegiance: None  

  Function: Industrial Espionage  


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