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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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Devil Spawn

  First Appearance: Operation Sunbun: Power Hungry  

  "Let the Decepticon Empire arise!"  


Devil Spawn is a ruthless, sadistic and ambitious killer. He is an excellent interrogator, using both mental and physical torture to extract information from his captives. His name is held in fear across all of Cybertron, maybe even more so than Megatron himself. Devil Spawn also has his optics set on greater things for himself. He one day plans to become absolute leader of the Decepticons and to this end he has been secretly recruiting supporters among the Decepticon ranks. Once he has enough support he is planning to take over the control of the Decepticons on Cybertron from Shockwave and ultimately from Megatron. He is clever enough however to play the part of a loyal subordinate in front of his commanders.


Devil Spawn has exceptional strength in robot mode, something he uses to his advantage in his interrogations. In robot mode he carries twin electro swords that may be combined to form a double ended melee weapon. He transforms into the likeness of a double-headed dragon and each head can spout a jet of flame five hundred meters. In this mode his claws can rip through twelve inch thick armour plating and he can fly at speeds in excess of 300 mph for a range of 1000 miles. He also has a third mode as a ground based transport. In this mode he can reach speeds of 120 mph for a range of 400 miles.


When in dragon mode, having to split his concentration to control each independent head can cause his reactions to slow. The wings on his dragon mode are susceptible to weapons fire, being so large they are also an easy target. This can leave Devil Spawn grounded in enemy territory. His ground based transport mode suffers from a lack of offensive or defensive weaponry. The subject's cruelty during interrogations has led to him being placed near the top of the Autobots most wanted list. This can result in him being singled out by his enemies during combat, however, the subjects reputation goes some way towards tempering any heroics on the part of his enemies.

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  Allegiance: Decepticon  

  Function: Interrogator/Commander  
Devil SpawnDevil Spawn


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