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The Origins of Transformers Omniverse

The Series

The series was originally conceived as a series of stories to fill the gap between the end of the cartoon season two and the Movie. The first part of Operation Sunburn was written with this in mind. Looking back on that original episode now I can see the limitations of such an idea. The story is far closer in tone to the cartoon series than any of the following episodes. This was of course at the time intentional.

Not long after I conceived the 'Season 2.5' idea I discovered that someone else had recently done the same thing and posted it on Lexicon. I did not want to appear like I was stealing someone else's idea (although we had come up with it independently) so I changed the whole direction of the series. It was now to be an Alternate Season Three. The Movie and Season Three no longer happened.

This is a concept that continued right the way through to part four of Operation: Sunburn. As I had been writing however I had also been plotting future stories. As I was doing this I came up with the idea of incorporating characters from the many different continuities including Robots in Disguise, Beast Wars and Armada. Hence the title Omniverse, which roughly translates as All Universes.

As I continued to plot out the future stories, getting as far as what is now the end of Season 1, I found that where the old Season 2.5 approach was limiting, the new All Universes approach was far too broad. I decided that I would concentrate on bringing together just two continuities.

The choice of which continuity to focus on wasn't all that difficult. Beast Wars was already connected to G1 anyway so there seemed little point in reinventing that particular wheel. Armada held possibilities but my loathing of the Mini-Cons (the beeping cartoon versions especially so) made me reluctant to go in that direction.

This left RID, which on examination was a perfect choice. There were already numerous G1 references within the cartoon series and if it hadn't been for the Movie and the original Season 3 then it is quite believable that RID might actually follow on from G1. So it was decided, the new focus of Omniverse would be to change G1 into RID.

By the time that decision was finally made I had begun work on part 5 of Operation Sunburn. I had decided that the best way of merging the two continuities was by means of some sort of dimensional instability causing the two realities to merge. The inter-dimensional explosion at the end of part 5 was to be my catalyst.

Once I had completed part 5 however I decided that there was something missing. It was all far too random. What was needed was a guiding influence, a malign intelligence that could alter reality. So the Entity was born.

The Entity

When I first came up with the idea of having a guiding influence for the dimensional disruption in Omniverse, my first thought was Unicron. This however was before the character's saturation through all the Transformers media. As soon as it became clear that every series of Transformers was going to be using Unicron I decided to come up with my own villain.

The 'name' the Entity didn't really take much thinking about, it just seemed an apt description of the character and embodied the mysteriousness that I wanted him to have. The exact origin of the Entity will not be revealed until the very final episode of Omniverse - End of an Era. Hopefully I will have kept readers guessing until then

The structure of Omniverse is based around the idea that Season 1 takes things apart while Season 2 puts it all back together again. For most of Season 1 the Entity is confined to being a passive observer. It is not until The Discontinuity Effect and Consequences, the final two episodes of Season 1 that he makes his presence felt.

Omnis Validus

Some of the concepts that underpin the Transformers: Omniverse series go back almost twenty years. The character of Omnis Validus is an excellent example. Omnis started out life as a simple (badly drawn) sketch way back in 1988.

Transformers: The Movie had been released in the UK two years before and the UK Transformers comic from Marvel had just finished a story arc set in the post movie world called Legacy of Unicron. In this story the future Decepticon commander Shockwave is killed by Galvatron's lieutenants Cyclonus and Scourge with the help of the bounty hunter (or freelance peacekeeping agent) Death's Head.

Omnis Validus was my idea of what Shockwave might become if he had survived this encounter and been rebuilt. Originally this concept was only developed on paper. However I quickly incorporated it into my ongoing 'toy continuity'.

I had spent many years playing with my toys and had built up an ongoing story. In this continuity Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge had travelled back in time to escape Unicron (a storyline again inspired by the UK Marvel comic).

I came into the possession of a transforming toy which many years later I would discover was called Daimos and was the title character in the Japanese TV series Battle Commander Daimos. At the time I knew nothing of this however and quickly christened him Omnis Validus. He entered my continuity as the future incarnation of Shockwave. His primary purpose was largely as a recurring super-villain who would turn up, cause trouble, be defeated and retreat before trying again another time.

After the death of Shockwave in Operation Sunburn: Power Plays it was a natural leap to have Omnis Validus make his first literary appearance. He also served as a perfect way of introducing the protoform and the Spark to the G1 universe. This also enabled him to retain his traditional role as a super-villain.

Devil Spawn

Without wishing to give too much away regarding future episodes I can reveal that Devil Spawn is destined to become a very important character in the RID universe. He was originally nothing more than a name conjured up when I needed someone to report to Shockwave in part 3 of Operation Sunburn. By part 4 his role had been extended until he was the Decepticon interrogator. When I made the decision to kill Shockwave at the end of part 4 I fleshed (or should that be metalled) the character out so that he could become the new Decepticon leader.

There are some subtle (and not so subtle) clues as to Devil Spawn's eventual identity scattered through the series (his Profile picture being the most obvious). Devil Spawn will undergo some major changes before he fulfils his destiny however.

The Renegades

The Renegades are another throwback to my own Toy continuity. The Renegades were a very late arrival in my universe, not long after their conception I stopped playing with the toys (almost) for good.

The Renegades were named after the evil faction of Robots in the Challenge of the Gobots toyline. There was no real reason for this except for the fact that Renegades described the group of Decepticons that comprised the group very well. All of the Renegades were outcasts. The original group was made up of Doubledealer, Starscream, and the Rock Lord (known in my continuity as Rockticons) Tombstone. They were soon joined by a number of other outcasts.

Two things that typified the Renegades were their advanced technology and the lack of infighting. Their technology was developed by Tombstone who was a design expert. Examples of their technology were advanced weaponry and sophisticated spacebridge technology.

The lack of infighting was a concept developed as a way of making the Renegades appear to be a cut above the Decepticons. The fact that arch-traitor Starscream also went along with this was quite surprising. The leader of the Renegades was Doubledealer who had started life as a mercenary infiltrating the Autobots for the Decepticons. Once this initial storyline came to a close however the limitations of his character became apparent and he melted into the background before returning to found the Renegades.

When looking for an independent group of protagonists for Omniverse the Renegades were my first thought. Their origin has been completely revamped as has their command structure but the original concepts of advanced technology and camaraderie has been maintained. Doubledealer's function within the Omnivere setting prevented him from being the Renegade leader and so the semi-honourable Sixshot fulfilled that role.


In the Toy continuity the Renegades were eventually destroyed due to a Decepticon infiltrator called Jetfire. Jetfire was the evil 'brother' of Skyfire. In toy terms Jetfire was a grey Robotech Valkyrie, the same toy from which the Skyfire (called Jetfire officially) was based. In the cartoon the Autobot Jetfire was called Skyfire and so I simply swapped the names round because I felt that Jetfire sounded and harder and crueller name the Skyfire.

Megatron, tiring of the Renegade's existence sent Jetfire to infiltrate their ranks. This was following an extended period in which Megatron and Jetfire were seen to be at odds with each other. Megatron had recently been resurrected and taken command of the Decepticons back from Jetfire. As a result Jetfire seemed to be very resentful of Megatron. In reality however the two of them were secretly plotting the Renegade's downfall.

Following a very public falling out between the two Decepticons, Jetfire was accepted into the Renegades. After spending many months gaining their confidence he was able to isolate Doubledealer and apparently killed him. As a result the Renegades fell into disarray and were quickly conquered by the Decepticons.

In Omniverse Jetfire was originally intened to take on a completely different role by being created by the Renegades using the S.P.A.R.C. technology incorporated into Omnis Validus. Like the toy Jetfire he will be a dark clone of the Autobot Skyfire. He was to have made his first appearance in Brothers in Arms. However as the S.P.A.R.C. trilogy developed the need for Jetfire became an extra complication that added very little to the plot. Also the idea of Jetfire was developed three years previously and since then ‘evil clones’ have featured regularly in various continuities and so I abandoned the idea of using him.


One of the things that I really wanted to incorporate into Omniverse was an Autobot who defects to the Decepticons. Usually when this is done a Decepticon is chosen to be an Autobot for the first portion of the story so that he can later become a Decepticon. The problem with this is that it signposts the defection well in advance. I wanted a genuine Autobot to become a Decepticon. This is also a concept that dates back to my toy continuity although at the time it was not Overdrive who took on the part. The Micromaster Full Barrel was instead the unlikely choice. After accidentally killing a fellow Autobot in a fit of disobedience, he fled the Autobots and found refuge with the Decepticons. As time went on he grew to enjoy being a Decepticon so much that he became one of their most successful killers.

Much as I enjoyed the Full Barrel storyline, when casting Omniverse I quickly decided that Full Barrel wasn't appropriate. Not only had the Micromasters not got a role in Omniverse but I felt that it was somewhat stretching credulity to expect a Micromaster to become a feared Decepticon general. After considering a number of candidates I eventually settled on Overdrive. This was mainly due to the artwork of him in Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye. He just looked the part. He quickly became my traitor in Rise of the Decepticon Empire.

Doctor Archeville

I always liked Doctor Archeville. Of all the 'evil' humans that appeared in the G1 series he always seemed to me to be the best. He would have made a great Bond villain with the same over-the-topness about him.

I had always felt it a shame that we never got to find out what happened to him after Starscream had abandoned him on Cybertron at the end of Countdown to Extinction.

The Doctor's role in Omniverse grew out of necessity. I needed someone to find and rebuild Shockwave. Originally Overdrive was going to be responsible for that but I felt this confused the issue, as he would be working for the Decepticons and rebuilding Shockwave in the process. The idea for using Doctor Archeville literally just popped into my head one day.

As I considered his role it grew so that not only did he rebuild Shockwave he developed new Transformers technology including Protoforms, Sparks and the RID style spacebridge.

This did leave me with a problem however. It was hard to believe that the wheelchair bound cripple seen at the end of Countdown to Extinction would have the ability or for that matter the knowledge to do the things I wanted him to do. Fortunately however I had a ready mad solution, a character whose true motives are yet to be revealed, who could provide the Doctor with mobility and knowledge. It is this shadowy figure that rescues the Doctor in the flashback in Rise of the Decepticon Empire. This character's identity will be revealed later.

Operation Sunburn
Power Surge

As has been already mentioned the first story started out life as the first of a Season 2.5 and gradually evolved as it went on. Part 1 - Power Surge was for the most part made up as I went along. There was no real overall plan for it I just started writing and waited to see what would happen.

The death of Bluestreak was an attempt to show that although set in the cartoon universe this wasn't the cartoon and nobody was safe from death. Originally it was to have been Warpath who died. However at the time I wrote it I was still thinking in terms of a season 2.5 and as Warpath appears in Seasons 3's Five Faces of Darkness I decided that someone else had to go instead (Warpath finally meets his end in part 2).

The name Carpasin Energon was derived from the Latin verb Carpo meaning 'to Seize'. I remember trying to come up with a suitable name for the Energon variant for quite a while, trawling through Latin dictionaries for suitable words. Most of the words I found just didn't sound right and so I decided that as the Decepticons were going to use it to seize power Carpo was as good a word as any.

As the story unfolded the main plot of Megatron using the unstable energon to explode a star to grant himself extra strength simply popped into existence at around the same point that the first red energon cube popped out of the fusion reactor in Australia.

The ending of part 1 came as something of a surprise as I hadn't intended to at any point to send Prime and Starscream through the spacebridge. The scene pretty much wrote itself and once I'd started it I just carried on because I wanted to have a nice cliff hanger and what better than the apparent death's of two leading characters. I had at the time no idea at all how I would resolve the cliff hanger and it wasn't until I started on part 2 that I came up with the solution.

Power Masters

I should at this point mention that the subtitles of each part were not originally going to all contain the word Power. The first episode was originally titled 'The Old Order Changes', relating to the removal of Starscream and later Optimus Prime. Very early on in the development of part 2 however I realised that I would be using the powermasters as a central part of the plot. It was then that I came up with the idea of having the running theme in the subtitles.

Operation Sunburn had originally been conceived as a three part series. In the original concept the story would be mostly set on Earth. Megatron would gain immense power and the Autobots would have to find a way to stop him. The surprise cliff hanger to part 1 however meant that I now had a whole new plot strand set on Cybertron. I still envisioned Optimus and Starscream returning to Earth by the end of part 2 however.

When I began writing part 2 I decided that as the story now encompassed two worlds I wanted to give the story a more epic feel. The early scene of Shockwave entering the cryo-freezing facility was very much influenced by Star Wars. I had the huge sets with stomach churning drops in mind when describing the facility.

The cryo-freezing facility developed out of a question that I had always wondered which was how Megatron planned on conquering the Universe with what appeared to be no more than a couple of dozen Decepticons and a load of primitive looking drones. I reasoned that there must be more Decepticons somewhere.

Part 2 is when I really started to make some serious changes to the continuity. The decision had been made to exorcise the Movie and Season 3 and one of the first results of this was that a number of characters began to die.

The Autobot attack on the power plant saw the death of a number of characters, notably, Hound, Warpath, Hoist, Trailbreaker and Omega Supreme for the Autobots and Blitzwing for the Decepticons. Of these both Warpath and Blitzwing appeared in Season 3's Five Faces of Darkness and Hound was spotted in the Movie.

More dramatically was the introduction of the Powermasters in which the Nebulon companions had been replaced by small specially designed Autobots. Although this doesn't directly contradict season 4's The Rebirth it is another sign of the changes I was making.

One thing that does contradict season 3 however is the existence of the Technobots, as these were not originally created until the season 3 episode Grimlock's New Brain. In truth this was originally an oversight on my part but this continuity issue will now be resolved in future episodes.

The new Omniverse Powermasters also allowed me to solve the very real problem of how Megatron was ultimately to be defeated. The energy sucking abilities of the companions made for a perfect weapon against a powered up Megatron.

The Autobot attack on the fusion plant was in some ways inspired by an equally futile Autobot attack on Galvatron in the UK comic story Target: 2006. I wanted to make it clear that the Autobots were at a severe disadvantage without Optimus Prime to lead them. I had also decided that the Autobots were not going to appear at all in part 3 and so I set up a cliff hanger that would neatly write them out of the story. The fact that they didn't appear in part 3 would (hopefully) make readers wonder whether they really had all died.

Power Hungry

All the way through the writing of this episode I was planning to make Operation Sunburn a four part story. The widening of the scope of the story in part 2 had made it clear that there was no way I could finish it in three parts. It only became clear towards the end of part 3 that even four parts wouldn't be enough. Because of this part 3 spent most of its development being called Power Plays, a title which was later reassigned to part 4.

Part 3 saw the introduction of the Renegades (see above). Having a spy in the Autobot's ranks in the shape of Doubledealer had proved an obvious way to allow Starscream to escape. It was only very late in the writing of part 2 that I decided that the Renegades were to be Doubledealer's employers (the short scene in which Doubledealer is communicating with Sixshot in part 2 was added after the rest of the story was completed). The Renegades were an added complication that was the main reason the story got extended to five parts rather than four.

Another new element of part 3 was the Autobot Matrix which was then called the Lifespark. This was to address the issue that the Matrix was never mentioned before the Movie nor was it a part of Optimus Prime in the season two story 'A Prime Problem'.

I decided to combine both the cartoon and comic Matrix into a single device. In the comic the Matrix gave life to new transformers while in the cartoon it was a repository of knowledge and wisdom. The Lifespark was both.

I had always found the idea of Vector Sigma odd. Having to drag every new transformer down those narrow tunnels seemed to be an extremely inefficient way of reproduction. It appeared obvious to me that a more portable device was needed. The Matrix was perfect for this.

The concept of the Key to Vector Sigma being a computer program rather than a physical circuit was based on the same idea put forward in Beast Machines. It allowed the Matrix to be linked to Vector Sigma and tap its power as needed.

Part 3 was mainly a mystery story in which Nightbeat attempts to put together the clues relating to Starscream's escape before Doubledealer can steal the Lifespark. This put much of the main narrative on hold for most of this story.

Another thematic element that was introduced in this part was the resonances with Transformers: The Movie. Dialogue and situations that occurred in the Movie were to begin appearing throughout the remaining three parts of the story. The reasoning behind this was to make it clear that the Movie was no longer going to happen. Operation Sunburn was in effect my alternate view of what a Transformers Movie could be.

Power Plays

Part 4 was the beginning of the end for Operation Sunburn as all the pieces were brought into play for the final showdown with Megatron. It also saw the return of the human characters Spike, Sparkplug and Carly. By now I had taken the decision to rewrite the G1 continuity. One of the limitations of writing stories about robots is that they never truly die. They can be blown to atoms and can with a bit of imagination still be brought back. This though can be a problem. I wanted to make it clear that changes had been made to the timeline and I wanted it to be something that couldn't be undone.

In season three, Spike and Carly are married and have a ten year old son, Daniel. It was this vision of the future that I wished to alter. So I introduced the idea that Spike and Carly were just about to begin a relationship. The Discontinuity Effect will reveal what would have happened if reality hadn't been altered. The outcome of Spike and Carly's relationship in Operation Sunburn is to be the linchpin upon which the entire series is based.

I had always found the Exo-suits from the Movie and Season 3 to be an interesting idea. I had always supposed that they had grown out of the throw away line by Wheeljack at the end of A Plague of Insecticons about designing a "…vehicle transform…" for Spike.

I had this in mind while creating the suits in part 4. In keeping with the changes made to the continuity the new suits were similar but different to those seen in the cartoon. I also tried to give a reasonable explanation of how they would work. The exo-suits also provided a convenient way for to humans to get to Australia unaided.

Part 4 finally saw Optimus Prime attempting to return to Earth by attempting to infiltrate Shockwave's command tower. At the same time the Renegades also launched a covert attack on the tower leading ultimately to Shockwave's death and the Renegades and Prime returning to Earth. I had quickly come to the conclusion that the Renegades would work better on Earth where they would not have a nice cosy well-equipped HQ to work from.

It was during part 4 that Megatron also launched an attack on the United Nations building. The idea behind this sequence was twofold. Firstly the Decepticons on Earth had done very little since the defeat of the Autobots at the end of part 2. I felt that they needed to start trying to conquer the Earth now that they had the advantage.

However now that energy was no longer a problem I felt that Megatron would not try and take the world by sending Decepticon's in guns blazing. I thought that he would try and take a shortcut thereby making his life easier and making his goal of galactic conquest that much quicker.

Secondly from a structure point of view I needed something for Megatron to be doing while all the other characters were being moved into position for the final battle.

A final important element of part 4 was the beginning of the weakening of the Autobot resistance and the idea that the Decepticons were tightening their grip on Cybertron. The destruction of the city of Dishender was inspired by films such as Threads and The Day After. Both films describe the events of a nuclear war and I wanted Dishender's destruction to be as violent as possible. The apparent deaths of Ultra Magnus, Nightbeat and the Predacon's added an extra touch of drama.

Power Cut

I made the decision early on that the final part of Operation Sunburn was to be set almost exclusively on Earth. The Cybertron elements being limited to a prologue and an epilogue in which Devil Spawn ascends to power.

I knew that most of the story was going to consist of one enormous battle between the Decepticons, the humans, the Earthen Autobots, the Renegades, Prime, the Cybertronian Autobots, Spike and Carly.

I had decided that Starscream was going to die at the end of this story and that created the perfect setup for the conclusion as he attempts to gain power for himself by using the spacebridge, unaware that he risks dooming the Earth in the process. This allowed the spacebridge and the power station to be destroyed thus ending the threat of super-strong Decepticons.

The death of Silverbolt had long since been foreseen. The second episode of Omniverse, A Death in the Family had long ago been conceived. I had always wondered what effect the death of a gestalt team member would have on the survivors. Using Silverbolt's sacrifice as a means of destroying the spacebridge was an obvious choice.

Part 5 had to bring together all the elements that would make up the rest of Omniverse season one. The Renegades’ permanent base in Australia and the cementing of Spike and Carly's relationship were two major events. At this stage the concept of the Entity had not yet come to me and the inter-dimensional explosion at the end was intended to prove the cause of all the continuity changes that I had planned.

The end of Operation Sunburn was both a relief and a sadness. I was happy that after so many months of writing I had finally completed the story. I was very pleased with the final outcome but I was also sad that it was all over.
A Death in the Family

As mentioned above the death of Silverbolt had been foreseen long before the end of Operation Sunburn. I knew that I wanted a story in which the surviving Aerialbots had to come to terms with their leader's death.

Although the idea and the title were thought of months before it came to be written the actual story was still a mystery right up until I began to write. One of my first ideas for the story was to tell one story from four different perspectives - one for each of the surviving Aerialbots. Each version would be subtly different, coloured by each Aerialbots' personality and how they were affected by Silverbolt's death.

I abandoned this idea because I felt it would both difficult and dull to write (and also to read) but I retained the idea of showing the story from the perspective of each Aerialbot in turn.

Ultimately the story would become little more than an extended epilogue to Operation Sunburn. It was at this point I realised that although the story needed to be written I didn't actually want to write it. As a writer I prefer to deal with events rather than characters and this story was very much a character piece. The resulting story was therefore very short and in the end didn't really advance the series all that much.


By the time of Lifespark the whole of Omniverse had been largely planned out. I knew that I wanted to introduce the character of the Entity as a way of guiding the continuity changes I was making. The problem that I soon discovered was that the Entity was so powerful that it could have caused chaos right from the start but I hadn't planned to unleash his power until the very end of season one. I therefore decided to limit the Entity to the prologue and the epilogue of Lifespark.

After being able to write Operation Sunburn quite easily I found the writing of Lifespark to be quite difficult. I had always had an idea of where Operation Sunburn was heading and how to get there. When writing Lifespark I realised that I although I knew where the story was going I had no idea how to get there.

For quite sometime I was writing blind, making the story up as I went along, something I hadn't done since part 1 of Operation Sunburn. I was well over halfway through before all the pieces eventually fell into place.

Essentially I decided that Lifespark is a story that would have happened at some point between season 2 and the Movie regardless of the changes I was making. Obviously it was influenced by events as they were now happening, the presence of the Renegades for example.

I am not a big fan of deus ex machina endings but in this case I felt that it was appropriate and somewhat necessary to set up the 'bigger picture' and to explicitly make the 'Lifespark' the Matrix.
Rise of the Decepticon Empire

I had decided a long time ago that this story would be set exclusively on Cybertron. The 'death' of Ultra Magnus, Nightbeat and the Predacons at the end of Operation Sunburn was always intended to be a temporary arrangement (although in the case of Nightbeat a more permanent death was around the corner).

The opening chapter was substantially rewritten very early on. Originally it was to have been Shockwave who rescued the Predacons, acting on information from the traitor Overdrive, but as mentioned above it became too complex to have Overdrive working for both Shockwave and the Decepticons at the same time. Instead I came up with the idea of the Decepticons rescuing the Predacons in order to capture Vector Sigma. This change did leave me with the problem of how Shockwave would be reintroduced. I decided that Doctor Archeville was going to be responsible for his resurrection but how he influenced the story was still a mystery.

I soon came up with the answer which was to make the reader believe that Downshift was the traitor. This allowed me to introduce Doctor Archeville, Shockwave and Omnis Validus into the narrative and hopefully give the reader a surprise at the end.

One of my pet hates in fiction in all mediums is the way that 'monster' stories regularly feature 'annoying children' whose sole purpose seems to be to get an overly noble adult killed while somehow managing to survive themselves (being irritating at every opportunity). Jurassic Park and Aliens are perfect examples of this tradition. Many years ago I swore that if I ever wrote a 'monster' story I would have annoying children in it and I would kill them off. I had my monsters in the Decepticons and so Sahb and Quen were born.

The decision to wipe out the Autobot resistance and introduce the female Autobots was arrived at quite late in the composition. Indeed the scene set inside the Autobot base showing the slaughter was added very much as an afterthought, the destruction having previously occurred 'off-screen'. Ultimately though I thought they deserved a farewell battle.

From the Ashes of One's Enemies

This story started off very strongly. The opening scene was written very quickly indeed. However after this I suffered a severe bout of writer's block for many months. I eventually returned to the story and got as far as the end of chapter two. I had known from the end of Rise of the Decepticon Empire that I planned to explain the origin of the female Autobots but I had no clear idea about how I was going to do this.

I had planned to introduce Doctor Harding as far back as Lifespark, as she will eventually play an important role in the outcome of season one, but again I had no real plan on how to do it. Eventually I came up with the idea of having Spike go to work with her and then become involved in a tale of industrial espionage that will ultimately link into the main narrative.

It had long been seen that Omnis Validus would join the Renegades. I had made Omnis Validus extremely powerful and as is always the case with such characters was then faced with how to prevent him from defeating all who stood in his way. The 'freezing' problem was originally going to be simply a design flaw in the protoform technology. However Brothers in Arms will reveal that there is more to than that.

When it finally came to the point to write the origin of the females I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. The ancient history of Cybertron simply flowed out of me as though I had known it all the time. I attempted to maintain continuity with known history that had already been revealed in the cartoon and at the same time merge the comic's origin in there as well. The idea of Vector Omicron being the creator of the female transformers seemed both obvious and logical. This history will be explored in more detail in future episodes and may even be written in detail in a spin-off series called Transformers: Omniverse - The Cybertron Chronicles.
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